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The Kid's Choice Playhouse Raffle raised over $30,000 for Piedmont CASA!

Ended May 5, 2023


Congratulations to Belinda Blankenship, winner of "The Look Out" playhouse!

Hundreds of donors purchased 1,107 raffle tickets for $10 each (or 3 tickets for $25). Scroll down to see the eleven businesses who generously sponsored the event and donated construction materials.

"The Look Out" playhouse was designed by Bushman Dreyfus Architects. Peter Johnson Builders built it in our front yard plus delivered it to the winner. 

Don't need a playhouse? Donate it to a foster family in our community.

For this event, we partnered with People Places, a local nonprofit providing an array of foster care, adoption, and community-based services. Folks who wanted to participate but did not need a playhouse chose the box that read: "If my raffle ticket wins, please donate "The Look Out" playhouse to a foster family in our community!"

With 3 levels, "The Look Out" playhouse is chock full of fun!

A peek inside "The Look Out" playhouse. Barrel-wood-framed portal entrance is on the left.
A peek inside "The Look Out" playhouse. Barrel-wood-framed portal entrance is on the left.

Climbing Nets
Built-In Seating
Barrel-Wood-Framed Portal Entrance
Barrel-Wood-Framed Windows

The interior of "The Look Out" playhouse - cutaway drawings by Bushman Dreyfus Architects
Cutaway views of "The Look Out" playhouse - drawings by Bushman Dreyfus Architects

The Making of "The Look Out" Playhouse

Video by Bushman Dreyfus Architects.

NBC29 came by to check on "The Look Out" playhouse

On Friday, April 21, NBC29 reporter Keagan Hughes did a story on the Kid's Choice Playhouse Raffle.

Fundraising for the heart of our operations: our office

"The Look Out" playhouse was built in our front yard and raffled off to help raise $30,000 in matching funds for a Perry Foundation grant. This grant is for repairs and upgrades that will ensure 818 East High Street continues to be Piedmont CASA's home, the heart of our work, for decades to come. Read more about the Perry Foundation grant and the work we are doing here.

Join us on our mission to champion and restore children and youth whose lives have been compromised by abuse and neglect.


April 20
Construction of "The Look Out" playhouse began on the front lawn of Piedmont CASA and raffle tickets went on sale.

May 5

Raffle ticket sales closed.

May 8
Winner announced.

June 9
"The Look Out" playhouse was delivered to the winner.

Kids chose the playhouse for the raffle

Bushman Dreyfus Architects posted the playhouse designs all around their conference room. At 4:00 on Friday, September 16, a group of kids were invited to check them out and vote for their favorite while nibbling on treats from Kitchen(ette).

Photos by Hamza Hasan

Bushman Dreyfus Architects designed 8 playhouses for the kids to choose from

These are the eight amazing designs Bushman Dreyfus Architects created for the Kid's Choice Playhouse Raffle.

Kids voted "The Look Out" their favorite playhouse

Big thanks to the generous sponsors who made "The Look Out" playhouse a reality!

Peter Johnson Builders Team 2

Nest Realty Agents
in honor of
Martha Campbell


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