Piedmont CASA is coming to Orange County in 2024

Seal - Orange County
Courthouse - Orange County, Virginia
Courthouse - Orange County, Virginia

Join us!

Piedmont CASA is expanding into Fluvanna, Madison, and Orange

Our goal is to complete this expansion in three years: 2023-2025. Phase 1 into Fluvanna is already underway. Phase 2 is Madison and Phase 3 is Orange.

The number of children we serve will jump approximately 45%

We already serve around 200 children each year. With this expansion, we will serve an additional 80-100 boys and girls.

Our footprint will increase 68%

We are currently serving 955 square miles. With this expansion, we will add close to 1,394 square miles, thus increasing our footprint to 2,349.

Your pledge will spread hope!

Join us in spreading hope to more kids in foster care! Your pledge will help ensure that by the end of 2025, all children and youth in foster care in these counties will have Piedmont CASA Volunteers and Bridges to Success Coaches.

Why Orange?

Orange County represents the final phase of our expansion plan. It spans 341 square miles, with parts of the county being closer and more oriented to Charlottesville, while other parts are closer to Fredericksburg. As with Madison, we are meeting with county professionals and residents to learn and to prepare. Some of our current volunteers already reside in Orange County, and we plan to recruit and train more volunteers from the local area. We intend to establish a local advisory board, and to include a representative from Orange County on our Board.

Since 2019, the number of children in foster care has been increasing annually. According to the Department of Social Services, there were 34 children in care in 2022, compared to 24 the year before. Of the 41 children who are currently in foster care in Orange County,  approximately 61% are White, 29% Multiracial, 5% Black, and 2% Asian. Two percent are Hispanic. The population of the county as a whole is 77% White, 13% Black, 6% Hispanic, and 3% Multiracial.

How to get involved

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Nine localities are served by courts in the 16th Judicial District


Since 1995, Piedmont CASA has served children and youth in the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County. In 2013, we started providing CASA Volunteers for children in Louisa and Greene. In 2023, Piedmont CASA begins a phased roll out into Fluvanna, Madison and Orange - the only 16th District counties left unserved by CASA Volunteers. (The children of Culpeper and Goochland are being served by other CASAs.)

Fluvanna County is Phase One of our expansion, which begins in July 2023. Approximately 28,000 people live in Fluvanna, and it is projected to see a steady growth in population.