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Marika Koch, Co-Chair
Michele Burke, Co-Chair

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What does a Friend of CASA do?

Twice a year, members of Friends of CASA come to the Piedmont CASA office to personalize Spring and Fall appeal letters. We meet in the conference room, where letters to donors and prospects are waiting for that all-important final touch: a handwritten note from a Friend of CASA. It is an opportunity to meet not only other Friends of CASA, but Board members, too, who also drop in to sign and personalize letters. You can come by during the day or in the evening and stay for one hour or for three - we’ll have plenty of refreshments.

This personalization has been a trademark of Piedmont CASA since 2007, and it is so important to the kids who depend on our fundraising success. As a Friend of CASA, you’ll also be helping us keep our contact list fresh, by tipping us off that someone has moved or married or divorced, and by adding names of people you know who might be interested in the work of our CASA Volunteers and Bridges to Success Coaches.

So if you can donate at least one hour twice a year, do please join us as a Friend of CASA. Just email the Friends of CASA co-chairs, Marika Koch or Michi Burke, at