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Courthouse - Louisa County, Virginia
Courthouse - Louisa County, Virginia
Sherri Rosser

Sherri Rosser, CASA Supervisor for Louisa County

Our Louisa County CASA Supervisor, Sherri Rosser, lives in Louisa. Prior to becoming a CASA Supervisor, Sherri worked as an educator for Louisa County Public Schools and served as a CASA Volunteer from 2013 - 2018.  Sherri serves on the Strengthening Families committee which is a collaboration of the County of Louisa, Louisa County Public Schools, Piedmont CASA, and Region Ten Community Services Board.  The Strengthening Families Program is a 14-session, evidence-based parenting skills, children's social skills, and family life skills training program specifically designed for high-risk families.  Parents and children participate in SFP, both separately and together.  Sherri also represents CASA at the Louisa Interagency Council and Multi-Disciplinary Team.  CASA was a core team member of the J&DR Best Practice Courts Program.

Serving Louisa since 2013

We officially opened our Louisa County doors in January 2013, and Judge Moore inducted our first Volunteers the following month. In July 2015, when we realized that the travel time required to serve such a large county was becoming problematic, we hired one of our first Louisa County Volunteers as a dedicated CASA Supervisor for the County.

To serve Louisa optimally, we have held Information Sessions there as well as CASA Volunteer training sessions. As part of our recruitment strategy, our staff participates in various festivals and events all around Louisa. As of today, we have recruited and trained 30 men and women from Louisa to be CASA Volunteers. In our first decade of work in the County, a total of 127 CASA Volunteers have served 133 Louisa children and youth.

Because Louisa children have been placed as far north as Leesburg and as far south as South Carolina, CASA Volunteers make significant time and travel investments in the future of Louisa County– as do Volunteers who are based in Charlottesville and Albemarle, yet serving children in Louisa.

Last year, Piedmont CASA Volunteers donated approximately 1,040 hours to their advocacy work in Louisa. This work is valued at $29.95 per hour by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, so the savings in professional fees alone for Louisa County in a single year is $31,148.

Working together for children and youth

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Nine localities are served by courts in the 16th Judicial District


Since 1995, Piedmont CASA has served children and youth in the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County. In 2013, we started providing CASA Volunteers for children in Louisa and Greene. In 2023, Piedmont CASA begins a phased roll out into Fluvanna, Madison and Orange - the only 16th District counties left unserved by CASA Volunteers. (The children of Culpeper and Goochland are being served by other CASAs.)

Fluvanna County is Phase One of our expansion, which begins in July 2023. Approximately 28,000 people live in Fluvanna, and it is projected to see a steady growth in population.