Fiscal Year 2022: July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022

Letter From Our Leaders

Piedmont CASA President Kate Duvall and Board of Directors Chair John H. Bocock.

Dear Friends,

To find hope, we must give hope. One of the simplest ways to find hope is to perform an act of kindness, something our CASA Volunteers and Bridges Coaches do every day. For the recipient, a kind act can change the entire trajectory of their life - even though it may be years before they recognize the moment hope entered their heart and took up residence.

For the Piedmont CASA Team, finding hope means:

Kate Duvall
John H. Bocock

CASA Volunteers give kids hope.

When kids have hope, they have better outcomes.

"Stay Positive" is from our Kids4Kids Gallery. Drawings donated by kids in our community to help tell the story of CASA kids.
"Stay Positive" is from our Kids4Kids Gallery. Drawings donated by kids in our community to help tell the story of CASA kids.

A recent study shows that kids with CASA Volunteers are more hopeful. And when kids have hope, they have more academic success, enhanced well-being, increased self-control, positive social relationships, and optimism -- tools they need to change their story. 

Bill Murray, Piedmont CASA Volunteer

I saw hope in the growing smiles of the children I assisted. It was slow to come, but over time, I was able to gain their confidence, and they grew more sure of themselves. I was a small cog in the treatment team, but together we were able to influence events to help the children find a more stable and loving environment.

Bill Murray
Piedmont CASA Volunteer

The Kids We Served in FY22

Meredith Gillet, Piedmont CASA Volunteer

At the beginning of my first case, the child I worked with would not even talk to me. Now they are flourishing academically, socially, and in their relationship with their family. They also now share their life experiences and feelings with me. Being able to see that change first-hand is truly a unique experience.

Meredith Gillet
Piedmont CASA Volunteer

Piedmont CASA Volunteer Highlights

In FY 2022, 95 PCASA Volunteers
advocated for 197 kids in our community
who had been placed in foster care
due to
underlying allegations of
abuse and neglect.

They invested 8,000 hours working
for their boys and girls - a time
investment valued at close to
one-quarter of a million dollars.





8,000 x $29.95 = $239,600
Based on Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Hourly Rate.

They attended 510 hearings
for their children and youth.

They submitted 102 court reports.

There were 427 recommendations
in those court reports - including
requests for medical, emotional,
and educational support.

Judges accepted 410 of the
recommendations - 96%.



No wonder research shows that
kids who have CASA Volunteers
do better in school, receive more
medical and therapeutic support,
and spend less time in foster care.

Volunteers Who Served in FY 2022

Doug Campbell, Piedmont CASA Volunteer
Doug Campbell, Piedmont CASA Volunteer

I saw hope in the eyes of children when they shared their stories with me. I heard hope in their voices when they called to ask for help.

As an advocate, I found hope working with a team dedicated to helping children find the future they deserve. And I celebrate hope every time a child or family achieves a new milestone on the way to that better future.

Doug Campbell
Piedmont CASA Volunteer

Bridges to Success Highlights

In FY 2022, Bridges Coaches served 49 young men and women

The youth ranged in age from 13 to 21.

Older youth are placed all around the Commonwealth, so Bridges Coaches spend a lot of time on the road: 33,723 miles last year.

Of the 49 young people in the Bridges Program

  • 3 graduated from high school
  • 2 are working on their GEDs
  • 2 were accepted to college
  • 15+ are in postsecondary education

When we build strong children, we build a strong community.

Helen Wanner, Piedmont CASA Volunteer
Helen Wanner, Piedmont CASA Volunteer

I find hope in so much of our work at CASA – in a couple who adopted my CASA child, in an aunt and uncle who adopted fostered and then adopted four children, in a father who successfully completed one year of Family Treatment Court in order to have more visitation time with his son. All of these people showed me the love and care present in this community.

Helen Wanner
Piedmont CASA Volunteer

Donors and Friends

Gifts received between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022

We thank our many supporters for their generous gifts to Piedmont CASA. If an error or omission has occurred, we express our sincere regret and ask that it be brought to our attention. If you would like copies of Piedmont CASA's financial statements, please call the Office at 434-971-7515.

Bob Beard, Piedmont CASA Volunteer
Bob Beard, Piedmont CASA Volunteer

The most gratifying part of my work is seeing the light of hope in a child’s eyes when they are given a second chance. I find hope in the knowledge that there are so many good people in our community who come together every day to try and close the wounds caused by neglect, abuse, and trauma. It really does take a village to raise a healthy child.

Bob Beard
Piedmont CASA Volunteer

Jimmy "Magic Man" Miller's Bracket Breakfast

Our first live Bracket Breakfast fundraising event since 2019. The panelists were UVA President Jim Ryan, acclaimed novelist John Grisham, Co-Host of the Greenlight Podcast Macon Gunter, and managing editor of BetFTW Caroline Darney. NBC29 Anchor Steve Rappaport and UVA Director of Broadcasting John Freeman were the emcees.

But the star of the morning was one of our own: Stephen Perry, a young man in our Bridges to Success program. Stephen gave a moving speech about what his CASA Volunteer and Bridges Coach mean to him. The standing ovation was spontaneous. You can hear Stephen's speech on our YouTube Channel.

Save the Date for Bracket Breakfast 2023 on March 13!
Panelists include Jim Ryan, John Grisham, and Macon Gunter.

10 - BB-25

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Byrne Photography.

The Online Bluebird Parade for Children in Foster Care

Raising awareness for children in foster care through bluebird artworks. Each one is unique - just like our kids. All created by generous men, women, children, and organizations throughout our community. The Bluebird Project is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Charlottesville.

The Bluebird Project - May 2022
Jane Brennan. Piedmont CASA Volunteer

I found hope in a single mother, who put pride behind her and encouraged the foster mother of her infant daughter to love and bond with her baby.

Jane Brennan
Piedmont CASA Volunteer

Piedmont CASA Team

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