Give them a chance ... and they'll do the rest.

Imagine going through your teenage years while in the foster care system. One of our staff members did and she describes it as feeling like the 'fake child'. Real kids knew way more because they learned everything at their parent's knee, like how to get an ID, open a bank account, apply for college - the list is endless. But for a teen who doesn't know what to do and doesn't have anyone they feel comfortable asking - the future looks like a narrow hallway of slamming doors. 

Older youth in foster care need someone they can trust to show them how to open those doors - so they can see their way to build a better future. They need Bridges to Success Coaches.

Want to know how your donations are working?

$100 a month enables Bridges Coaches to:
Connect youth with affordable housing by supporting them through the many steps of searching, applying, touring, and moving.

$50 a month enables Bridges Coaches to:
Take youth to one year of Project Life Conferences so they can see they are not alone,  learn more about life skills and advocacy, and build a support network.

$25 a month enables Bridges Coaches to:
Visit teens in faraway residential facilities - because Bridges Coaches are often their only visitor
Take the youth who loves computer games to a technological job fair 
Cover mileage for four tours of college campuses
Help four youths move into new placements or independent living programs

One $500 gift for crisis management
Every parent of a teenager has been there. The failed romance. The brush with drugs. The bullying at school. For our kids, these traumas can be even more difficult to navigate because they have not had healthy relationship models. Bridges Coaches are that healthy relationship model. They help struggling teens process the crisis, get the perspective they need, and connect them with other supports in the community. There's no one-size fits all solution - except for needing the steady support and guidance of a Bridges Coach.

One $35 gift for an enrichment activity
Pique their interest in new experiences like indoor rock climbing at the gym
Learning to ride public transportation
Getting their driver's license
Bringing siblings together for a visit - because sibling bonds matter
Sharing a pizza when a teen is having a hard time
Celebrating milestones like their birthday or graduation

When we build strong children, we build a strong community.